You Should Know When to Laugh

Jessie Moretti, Deirdre Sargent

Friday, November 6-Saturday, December, 19, 2015

315 Gallery is pleased to present You Should Know When to Laugh, a two-person show, exhibiting the works of Deirdre Sargent and Jesse Moretti.

Jesse Moretti’s works are something like a sur le motif of the digital landscape. She begins her compositions in raster and vector graphics editors. Referencing art historical, architectural and societal forms, she manipulates the familiar by imbuing pixels with vibrant colors, forming saturated gradients and hard lines. She then tasks herself with transferring the digital composition from the two-dimensional screen to the realm of the physical. Using an airbrush, she replicates her compositions onto traditional mediums (paper, wood, canvas). Creating her own painted frames, working on raised surfaces, and engaging walls in various ways, her practice seeks to distort our understand of depth and perspective. Blurring the line between the digital plane and that of the physical world; the final product is thus as much about process as it is presentation.

Deirdre Sargent creates images that investigate our relationship with digital media and how it is created and consumed. Plastered towels and resin t-shirts have become flattened and lifeless, encased forever in their forms. The t-shirt, whose function is activated by the human body, is rendered useless in it’s resin encasement. Standing in front of it, the viewer assumes the perspective of the individual taking the photograph, but also that of the artist while selecting it. Her work looks back at you, literally. As you view her cutout heads and speculate as to their origin—and the life of the subject—their gaze remains unfettered. Perhaps the ‘image’ is experience. Viewing Deirdre’s work, you may find yourself asking more questions than getting answers. How should we be seeing this, and what meaning are we to ascribe to it? And, more importantly, does the self exist outside of the body?

Their work finds common ground through their engagement and exploration between the digital and material space. Referencing recognizable forms and figures, the two flatten and expand the pictorial plane, blurring the lines of dimensionality. The images they create are simultaneously timeless and contemporaneous.

Jessie Moretti was born in Miami and lives and works in New York. She graduated from Florida State University with a BFA in 2007 and Cranbrook Academy of Art with an MFA in 2013. Her work has been exhibited in numerous shows in New York, the United Kingdom, and California. Recent exhibitions include a solo show at Patrick Parrish, inclusion in La Chose Encadrée at the Glasgow International, and Motel Gallery

Deirdre Sargent was born in 1985 in Boston and lives and works in New York. She graduated from Pratt with a BFA in 2008 and from Yale with an MFA in 2013. Her work has been exhibited in various shows in New York, Miami and Providence. Recent exhibitions include Island Girl at Gordilloscudder, Island Girl on Video at AC Institute and USAMLKPDA, The Sculpture Center in Cleveland, and Peninsula Art Space.