Libby Rothfeld

Libby Rothfeld (b.1990 New Brunswick, NJ) lives and works in Ridgewood, NY. She received her BFA from New York University, New York, NY in 2012. Her recent solo shows include Libby Rothfeld at First Continent, Baltimore, MD, 2015; Libby Rothfeld at Swig Arts Center, Hightstown, NJ, 2013. Her recent group shows include A Dumb Sound, A Sweet Bell at 315 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 2017; 189 Beach 86th St, Rockaway NY, 2016; Daydream 2013 at Canada Gallery, New York NY, 2016; Return Policy at Howard St., New York, NY, 2016; 2000 at Sydney-Sydney, Sydney, AU, 2016; Boil the Ocean at Bodega, NY, New York.